Graham & Portia | Teaser-Album

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How did you and your fiancé get engaged?

He placed the ring on my finger while I was sleeping. I didn’t notice the ring when I woke up and when I came into the lounge, he had laid out a picnic and was on his knees with the empty box. I didn’t notice that the box was empty since I was dumbstruck

After his lovely speech he asked me to marry him and only when he said, “you might notice that the box is empty, look at your finger” that’s when I noticed that the ring was on my finger already.

After our picnic he told me to get ready and pack. He took me on a romantic weekend.

Wedding Planner: We planned the wedding ourselves

Place where Bride got ready: Pine Lake Marina Resort

Brides Dress: Estique Bridal Boutique, George

Veil: Estique Bridal Boutique, George

Brides Shoes: I had two pairs of shoes, bought from Steve Madden and Fochini

Brides Jewellery: Truworths and Oriental plaza

Make-up Artist: Friend, Lucille Farmer

Hair Stylist: Dawidene

Bridesmaids Dresses: Oriental Plaza

Place where Groom got ready: Pine Lake Marina Resort

Grooms suit: Euro Suit

Groomsmen Suits: Euro Suits

Ceremony Venue: Pinelle Deck, Pine Lake Marina Resort

Reception Venue: Lakeview, Pine Lake Marina Resort

Minister: Ds T. Fredericks

What did you choose for confetti: fresh rose pedals

Who made your Wedding Cake: Cake by Nix

What type of cake did you choose? Top tier – Fruit Cake, Middle Tier – Vanilla-Rasberry Cake, Bottom Tier – Carrot Cake

Cake topper: Cakes by Nix
Who did your Catering: Pine Lake Marina Resort

DJ: Sounds R Us

Wedding Invite Design: Veronica Vermeulen

Wedding Stationary: Bride and Groom shopped around…alot