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Andrew & Luna | Wedding Day


Wedding Planner: Not officially, but Sue Lund and Claire handled everything at Newstead – what champions!

Place where Bride got ready: The Lighthouse, Brenton-on-Sea.

Brides Dress: Bride & Co, Rivonia

Brides Shoes: cheap ones 🙂

Brides Jewellery: Kathleen Barry Bespoke Creations

Make-up Artist: Debbie Jean (Knysna)

Hair Stylist: Nicola Smit (Pretoria)

Place where groom got ready: The Lighthouse, Brenton-on-Sea.

Grooms suit: David Jones

Grooms Accessories: Polo

Grooms Shoes: David Jones

Groomsmen Suits: David Jones

Groomsmen Accessories: Polo

Ceremony Venue: Newstead Vineyards

Reception Venue:  Newstead Vineyards

Marriage Officer: Gavin Brown

Who made your Wedding Cake: Clare Roode of Clare’s Cakes & Deli, Plettenberg Bay

What type of cake did you choose? The bottom tier was a combination of carrot and cheese cake and the top tier was hazelnut meringue

Cake topper: Made by Laser Link

First Dance Song & if there is a story attached to your choice:

Catering Company: Newstead

Band/ Instrumentals during the day: Classic Flamenco Guitarist, Rudi Minnaar (George) 072 548 8468

Wedding Invite Design: The Secret Diary, Cape Town

Wedding Stationary: The Secret Diary, Cape Town

Any Other Vendors you would like to mention: You – we feel so blessed for having met you xxx

Joubert & Henrietta | Wedding Day

   Joubert & Henrietta’s Love Story & Wedding Vendors:
How did your husband propose to you?
   An all surprise one-kneed classic at the same spot where we first kissed four years prior – stretched white beach, remote spot, picnic with    sushi and champagne; Stilbaai – where we met, started dating, got engaged and the venue for our wedding. Perfect!
Did your wedding have a theme, if yes please give details:
   Not a specific theme, but would say chic rustic. Very plain venue but super well kept – renovated barn, surrounding forest. 

Wedding Planner:
Self – with a super supportive bridesmaid team and family.
Place where Bride got ready: Prepared room at the venue. 
Brides Dress: Fatima Duarte, The Seamstress – by private consult only; absolutely amazing (moving to Cape Town soon)
Veil: Handmade by The Seamstress
Brides Shoes: The Dance Boutique – Germiston
Brides Jewellery: Custom handmade – House of Kallie (Muizenburg)
Make-up Artist: Hairotic, Worcester
Hair Stylist: Hairotic, Worcester
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jacoba Clothing. Unit A057, Selwyn Street Studios, The Palms Decor and Lifestyle Centre, 145 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925

Place where groom got ready: At venue – double rooms accross the road
Grooms suit: Three piece Carducci – Khaliques Sandton
Grooms Accessories: Cufflinks – Handmade by House of Kallie, as with wedding band; Watch – Skagen; Tie&Tie clip – Nick Harry
Grooms Shoes: Woolworths – David Jones
Groomsmen Suits: Self purchased; Wooden bowties&cufflinks – Woodiz (081 017 8240); Braces – de Jagers
Ceremony Venue: Jongensdal, Stilbaai/Jongensfontein – outside around fountain
Reception Venue: Jongensdal, Stilbaai/Jongensfontein (Lindie Enslin – 076 672 6485)
Minister: Francois Taljaard – 061 460 6404
What did you choose for confetti: Bubbles
Who made your Wedding Cake: Baked by by super sister; stacking and decoration – Natasha Von Molendorf, Stilbaai (071 899 5940)
What type of cake did you choose? Layered carrot and chocolate with white chocolate buttercream

Cake topper: Wooden carved dolls – self owned


Catering Company: Foxtrot Cuisine ( Rhona van Heerden, 072 785 1582)
DJ: Henry Hansen,  0825345751

Band/ Instrumentals during the day: Acapella singer, Leah Gunter, 082 390 0389


Wedding Invite Design: Self –
Wedding Stationary: Random

Andre & Tricia-Leigh | Wedding Day

Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day – how did you meet one another?
We met on a prefect camp in high school and I fell in love almost immediately. We started dating when I was 17, Andre was 18 and we have never looked back since.
How did your husband propose to you?
He proposed in one of my university classes in front of all my classmates. He planned the whole thing together with my lecturer. When the lecturer started his class he put up a picture of me and André and then André came walking into the class where I was sitting right at the back of the class and went down on one knee. It was the most romantic thing ever.
Did your wedding have a theme, if yes please give details:
Because the wedding was on the beach we decided that the beach will be it’s own theme for the wedding.
Place where Bride got ready: Ilita Lodge, Grootbrak
Brides Dress: My mother-in-law made my dress
Veil:No veil
Brides Shoes: A shop in Diaz Convenience Center made barefoot sandals out of bead for me and my bridesmaids.
Brides Jewellery: Lovisa
Make-up Artist: My sister-in-law
Hair Stylist: Me and one of my bridesmaids
Bridesmaids Dresses: Simoné leRoux in Potchefstroom
What did you choose for

Something blue: My wedding dress had blue in it

Place where groom got ready:

Grooms suit: Menlyn mallin Pretoria
Grooms Shoes:Barefoot
Groomsmen Suits: Woolworths and Edgards
Ceremony Venue: De Vette Mossel
Reception Venue:  De Vette Mossel
Minister: Gerhard van Zyl
What did you choose for confetti: Playpit balls
Who made your Wedding Cake: A family friend
What type of cake did you choose? Vanilla cupcakes

Cake topper: Baby’s breath flowers


Catering Company: De Vette Mossel
DJ:  A Family friend

Wedding Invite Design: Jeanette
Thank you Gifts: Outeniqua palms

Gerhard & Nadine | Wedding day

Nadine & Gerhard WEB-1 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-2 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-3 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-4 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-5 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-6 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-7 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-8 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-10 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-12 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-13 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-14 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-18 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-19 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-20 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-21 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-29 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-30 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-31 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-33Nadine & Gerhard2 WEB-5 Nadine & Gerhard2 WEB-4 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-34Nadine & Gerhard2 WEB-1 Nadine & Gerhard2 WEB-6Nadine & Gerhard WEB-43 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-45 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-46 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-44 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-35 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-36Nadine & Gerhard2 WEB-7 Nadine & Gerhard2 WEB-9 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-37 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-38 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-39 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-40 Nadine & Gerhard2 WEB-10 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-51 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-53 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-55 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-57 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-58 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-59 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-60 Nadine & Gerhard2 WEB-12 Nadine & Gerhard2 WEB-13 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-62 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-63 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-64 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-65 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-66 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-67 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-68 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-69 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-70 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-71 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-73 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-74 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-76 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-77 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-78 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-79 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-80 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-81 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-82 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-83 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-85 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-86 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-87 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-89 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-91 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-92 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-94 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-95 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-96 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-97 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-99 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-100 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-103Nadine & Gerhard WEB-116 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-104 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-105 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-106 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-107 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-108 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-109 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-110 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-111 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-112 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-113 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-114 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-117 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-118 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-120 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-121 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-122 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-124 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-125 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-126 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-127 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-128 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-129 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-130 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-131 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-133 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-135 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-136 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-137 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-140 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-141 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-143 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-145 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-146 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-148 Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-8Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-2Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-10Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-12 Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-15 Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-17 Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-18Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-1 Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-23Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-8 Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-9 Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-32 Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-33Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-3 Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-6Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-1Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-10 Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-11 Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-13 Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-14 Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-15 Nadine & Gerhard1 WEB-47Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-6 Nadine & Gerhard3 WEB-8Nadine & Gerhard WEB-150 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-151 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-152 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-156 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-157 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-159 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-160 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-161 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-162 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-163 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-164 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-165 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-166 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-167 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-168 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-170 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-171 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-172 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-173 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-174 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-175 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-176 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-177 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-179 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-180 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-182 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-183 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-184 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-185 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-186 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-187 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-188 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-189 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-190 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-191 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-194Nadine & Gerhard WEB-192 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-195 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-196 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-197 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-199 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-200 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-201 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-202 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-203 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-205 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-206 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-207 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-208 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-210 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-211 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-212 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-213 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-214 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-215 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-217 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-218 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-219 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-220 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-221 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-222 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-223 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-224 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-225 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-227 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-228 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-229 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-230 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-231 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-232 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-233 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-234 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-235 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-237 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-239 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-240 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-241 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-242 Nadine & Gerhard WEB-243

Gerhard & Nadine’s unique wedding story & Wedding Vendors: 

1 – How did you meet one another?
My eldest brother, Kevin, introduced us to one another when I started studying in Pretoria.
He was always my lift when going to church and in that way we got to know each other better.
A couple of months after meeting, we started dating and we dated for 5 years and 10 months before getting married.
2 – How did your husband propose to you?
Gerhard surprised me with a visit while I was still living in Richards Bay. He told me he had a surprise for me for over the weekend and we ended up flying down to his family in Mosselbay.
One evening he said that his cousin had arranged for a family photo shoot the following day and wanted us to be there. The plan was to have breakfast on the beach after the family hoot.
We arrived on the beach with his whole family there and we took pictures of everyone. The photographer then took couple pictures of each couple and we moved onto the jetty in Bayview, which was a very special place for both of us. The photographer instructed both of us to look at the ocean with our backs turned to her.
Gerhard was standing behind me when the photographer asked him to move, but then mentioned something about the lighting not being right, I then turned around and Gerhard was down on one knee.
He then asked me to marry him and without any hesitation I said YES!!
Shortly after it started raining
3 – Wedding theme?
We had a beach wedding and mainly used peach and navy colours. The flowers were mainly protea’s, roses, carnations and succulents.
4 – Wedding Planner

We planned most of the wedding ourselves.

5 – Place where Bride got ready
Riviera Hotel, Hartenbos.
6 – Brides Dress
Whimsical Bridal, Centurion.
7 – Veil
Handmade by my grandmother.
8 – Brides Shoes
Handmade by my grandmother.
9 – Brides Jewellery
Claire’s at Clicks.
10 – Make-up Artist
Garbriela Netto.
11 – Hair Stylist
Adri van der Westhuizen.
12 – Bridesmaids Dresses:
Infinity dresses from Glitter and Glamour Creations
13 – What did you choose for
Something old: A pair of white gold earrings that my husband gave me for my 20th birthday.
Something new: My garter
Something borrowed: A toe ring borrowed from my husband’s grandmother.
Something blue: I asked my grandmother to add blue beads on the laced that tied the shoes. I also added navy blue details on my nails.
14 – Place where groom got ready
His grandparent’s house.
15 – Grooms suit
David Jones – Woolworths
16 – Grooms Accessories
Cufflinks – American Swiss
Suspenders – Truworths
17 – Grooms Shoes
David Jones – Woolworths
18 – Groomsmen Suits
David Jones – Woolworths
19 – Ceremony Venue
Hartenbos beach
20 – Reception Venue
Riviera Hotel, Hartenbos.
21 – Minister
Pierre Stoltz
22 – What did you choose for confetti
A mix of rose petals, other flowers and greenery.
23 – Who made your Wedding Cake:
I made the cake myself on the day before the wedding.
24 – What type of cake did you choose?
I decided on a chocolate buttermilk cake that was infused with coffee. I also added cappuccino oil to the icing to enhance the coffee flavour.
25 – Cake topper:
We used one big white shell and two blue starfish to stick to the beach vibes.
26 – Catering Company
Riviera Hotel, Hartenbos.
27 – DJ
Pieter Thiart.
28 – Band/ Instrumentals during the day
Violinist – Kallie Landman from George.
29 – Wedding Invite Design
We designed and made the wedding invited ourselves. We also did all the name cards and thank you gifts.

Chris & Ailsa | Wedding Day

Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-2 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-3 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-4 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-5 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-6 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-8 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-9 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-10 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-11 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-12 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-13 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-14 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-16 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-18 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-19 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-20 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-21 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-23 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-25 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-26 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-27 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-29 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-30 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-32 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-33 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-34 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-35 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-36 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-37 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-38 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-39 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-40 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-41 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-42 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-44 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-45 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-46 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-48 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-49 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-51 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-52 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-53 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-54 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-56 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-57 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-58 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-59Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-1 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-60 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-63 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-64 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-65Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-2 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-67 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-68 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-70 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-71 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-73Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-4 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-5 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-75 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-76 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-77 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-78 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-79 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-80 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-81 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-82 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-83 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-84 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-85 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-86 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-87 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-88 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-9 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-90Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-7 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-91 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-92 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-93 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-94 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-95 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-96 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-97 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-99 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-100 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-101 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-102 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-103 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-105 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-106 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-107 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-108 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-109 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-110 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-111Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-144 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-112 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-113 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-114 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-115 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-117 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-118 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-119 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-120 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-122 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-123 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-124 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-125 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-126 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-129 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-130 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-131 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-134 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-135 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-137 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-138 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-139 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-141 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-142 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-143 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-145 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-146 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-147 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-148 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-149 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-150 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-151 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-152 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-153 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-154 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-155 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-156 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-158 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-159 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-161 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-162 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-164 Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-166Ailsa & Chris | Sneak Peak-167YOUR UNIQUE LOVE STORY & WEDDING DAY VENDORS:

Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day – how did you meet one anotherWe met at the hotel in London that we both use to work in.

 How did your husband propose to you?
He took me across the lagoon to featherbed side and we had a champagne picnic. I had my back towards him and he kept asking me if I wanted certain items of food from the picnic when I turned around he was holding the ring 

Wedding Planner: Featherbed
Place where Bride got ready: Mums house
Brides Dress: Lace
Veil: no 
Brides Shoes: Anella wedding shoes 
Brides Jewellery: Knysna Jewellers 
Make-up Artist: Debbie Jean 
Hair Stylist: Nikki, Thesen Island
Bridesmaids Dresses: Pink Multiwrap dresses ordered online from Hong Kong 
What did you choose for:
Something new: My jewellery 
Something borrowed: My sisters old wedding shoes 
Something blue: There is a Safire stone in my engagement ring 

Place where groom got ready:
Grooms suit: Ted Baker 
Grooms Shoes: Boat shoes 
Groomsmen Suits: Ted Baker 
Ceremony Venue: Paddle Cruiser
Reception Venue: Featherbed Nature Reserve 
Minister: Liza Stroebel 
What did you choose for confetti: Old pink and white flowers 
Who made your Wedding Cake: My hubby 
What type of cake did you choose? Naked cake 
Cake topper: Flowers 

Catering Company: Featherbed
DJ: Dj Mickey D Louw

Martin & Liezl | Wedding Day

Liezl & Martin TEAZER-2 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-1 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-3 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-4 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-5 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-6 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-9
Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-6 Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-7 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-18 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-19 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-21 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-23 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-24 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-27 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-30Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-9 Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-10 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-33

Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-1 Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-3 Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-4 Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-5 Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-7 Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-8Liezl & Martin TEAZER-10Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-2 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-15 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-17Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-12 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-11 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-14Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-1 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-16 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-34 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-35 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-38Liezl & Martin TEAZER-37 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-40 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-45 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-46Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-9 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-50 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-53Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-10 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-54 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-55 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-57 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-58 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-60 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-62 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-63 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-65 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-66 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-67Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-14 Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-15 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-68 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-69 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-70 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-71Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-16 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-73Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-17 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-74Liezl & Martin TEAZER2-18 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-76 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-79 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-80 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-83 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-84 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-85 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-86 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-87 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-88 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-89 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-92 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-93 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-94 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-100 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-105 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-107 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-108 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-109 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-112 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-114 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-115 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-116Liezl & Martin TEAZER-120 copy Liezl & Martin TEAZER-123 copy Liezl & Martin TEAZER-128 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-129 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-131 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-132 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-133 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-136 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-142Liezl & Martin TEAZER-141Liezl & Martin TEAZER4-1 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-144 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-145 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-147 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-148 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-149 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-150 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-151 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-152 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-153 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-154 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-155 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-156 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-157 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-158 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-159 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-161 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-162Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-13 Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-14 Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-15 Liezl & Martin TEAZER3-16 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-164 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-166 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-167 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-168 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-169 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-170 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-172 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-173 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-174 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-175 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-176 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-177 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-178 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-179 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-180 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-181 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-182 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-183 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-184 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-185 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-186 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-187 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-188 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-189 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-190 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-191 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-192 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-193 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-194 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-198 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-200 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-201 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-202 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-203 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-204 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-205 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-206 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-207 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-209 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-210 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-211 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-212 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-213 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-214 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-215 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-216 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-217 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-218 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-219 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-220 Liezl & Martin TEAZER-221

I would like to thank Liezel Volschenk for assisting me on this wedding, your work and style is incredible.


Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day – how did you meet one another?

I lived in London with a friend called Katie, who happens to be Martins sister. martin had gone travelling and was going to visit his sister before heading back to his hometown, Torquay. I met Martin on a very early week morning, I had no makeup, hair a mess in my worst track suit outfit ever!! Needless to say he was so polite and lovely, he was all handsome and sunkissed from his travel. Trying to hang my head down with embarrassment, I offered him a cuppa tea (as most English boys love their tea) it happened to be his very first cuppa tea since leaving the UK for his 9 months adventures. That is when i think I won his heart 🙂 We spend the weekend chatting and hearing all about each others lives and stories. We said our goodbyes at the end of the weekend and as he walked out the door i felt sad that I may never see thing guy again. Little did I know he felt the same. Katie then decided to play match maker and send him my number. After weeks of calling and texting, Martin booked a train to London to spend the weekend with me 🙂 and that’s when our adventure started. 

How did your husband propose to you?

Martin and I always love to travel and visit new places together. So we planned a 2 month backpacking trip around Thailand and Hong Kong.  After our 5 weeks traveling the most beautiful islands together, we found ourselves in a chic apartment in Bangkok overlooking the city. Martin proposed on our last night in Bangkok at the apartment. It was so perfect and so us! Great end to our Thailand trip with an exciting start to our Hong Kong adventure.

Did your wedding have a theme, if yes please give details:

I would say yes. We wanted it to be romantic and we wanted to pull in elements that would compliment the venue. As I am originally from South Africa,  therefore wanted to incorporate some elements that we both love, such as the outdoors.

Wedding Planner: Jana Goodman from Confeti events 

Place where Bride got ready: The Knysna Elephant Park

Brides Dress: Allure

Veil: Richard Designs / UK

Brides Shoes: Rainbow club

Brides Jewellery: My grandmothers ring & diamond ear tunnels.

Make-up Artist: Kaley Meyer

Hair Stylist: Brent from 9 on Gray.

Bridesmaids Dresses: Romantic pink Asos, UK

Bridesmaids Accessories: Rose gold necklaces, from NEXT


What did you choose for:

Something old: Grandmothers ring

Something new: My ear tunnels

Something borrowed: Didn’t have an item

Something blue: I had blue gems underneath my shoes


Grooms suit: NEXT 

Grooms Shoes: NEXT

Groomsmen Suits: NEXT 


Ceremony Venue:  The Knysna Elephant Park

Reception Venue: The Knysna Elephant Park 

Minister: Pieter Niemand


What did you choose for confetti: Rose petals

Who made your Wedding Cake: Cakes by Nicky in Knynsa

What type of cake did you choose? A two tier cake, light pink and cream with African trees on.

Cake topper: Succelents

What was your “First Dance Song” & is there a story attached to your choice: 

Mumford and Sons / Baabba Maal – There will be time. We thought this song was just so beautiful and the lyrics represented us. We also thought it was a great British band and African band that collaborated together.

Catering Company: Dee Caterers, Plett

DJ: Confeti Events

Wedding Invite Design:  My sister actually designed all my wedding invitations

Wedding Stationary: Wedding day stationary done by Jana at Confeti Events